Stripped Bare: Arts Incubator Project Synchronicity Theatre
at Peachtree Pointe
1545 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

Have a great project in mind and just need somewhere to get it off the ground? Consider applying for Stripped Bare, an arts incubator project for innovative projects by emerging artists. 

What is Stripped Bare?

Stripped Bare is Synchronicity Theatre’s new arts incubator project.  Borne from the desire to use our new home as a midwife to new theatrical works and to create a place for early career artists to flex their wings, Stripped Bare provides space to create and test-drive new ideas.

Stripped Bare is so named because this is about theatre at its core.  While we value all of the artistry that stage design brings to full productions, Stripped Bare is not about sets, lights, props, costumes.  It is about actors, words, passion, movement and ideas. 

Apply for Stripped Bare!

Please submit application and attachments via electronic copy by 11:59pm EST on Oct 1st, 2017. Please label all attachments clearly and include your name in each label.

Email complete applications to Project Coordinator Emma Calabrese at If you have any questions or difficulties with this application, reach out to Emma Calabrese at this email address or by phone at 404.974.3291.

Project selections will be announced in mid-September.

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What is Stripped Bare?

A Stripped Bare project:

  • Is on its feet

  • Plays with form

  • Experiments with an artistic idea

  • Pushes personal artistic boundaries

  • Re-imagines classics

  • Creates brand new work

  • Is driven by the art

What is it not?

  • Music stands.  These are not staged readings.

  • It is not a full production.  Seriously.  So that means, there is no…

    • Set – there is no rigging, no flats, no repainting of the space, no changing of the curtain placements;

    • Lights – You can use our rep plot, but there is no re-focusing.  We encourage you to think SIMPLY if you do any cuing;

    • Sound – you can have a few sound cues, but no mics;

    • Projector – if you need to use the projector, there will be an added fee for the technician and projector usage. Guess what? We recommend finding a low-tech, simple answer instead;

    • Props – you are welcome to bring in and use simple furniture or props.

What Will Synchronicity Provide?

Synchronicity is here to support you.  That being said, this is our first full year with Stripped Bare, and we don’t currently have any project-specific funding for it.  So we’re giving you all we’ve got, and our hope is that together we can grow this project with members of the community – and later there will be more funding down the road.  Thanks for taking this journey with us! 

Here’s what we have to offer:

  • 1-3 days in our space.  These are 8 hour days (MAX).  You can do 1-3 performances. Any rehearsal or tech time (although remember – BARE) is included in this time;

  • 1 technician for all of the time you are in the space;

  • 1 producer and/or facility manager for all of the time you are in the space;

  • 1 house manager for each performance;

  • 1 box office staffer for each performance and advance box office staff.  **Remember that there will be no tickets sold for Stripped Bare performances, but people need to call and reserve their tickets ahead of time;

  • Concessions stand run by Synchronicity staff;

  • Support material packets to maximize your use of social media created by our publicist;

  • Marketing support:

    • 1 eblast to our full patron list;

    • 2-3 social media postings;

    • 1 Press Release (for the entire year of projects);

    • Inclusion on the Stripped Bare page of our website;

    • A ‘how-to’ page to help guide you in the promotion of your project.

What will we not provide?

  • Money.  Again, we’re hoping in the future to build grant support for this project, but for now – all funds to produce the show must be raised/provided by the artist/s.  We’ll handle all the hard costs for the items above and the space.

  • All the marketing OR all the audience. See above for what we can provide.

  • Producing support.  We’re happy to help advise and provide resources, but it is up to you to pull the project, artists, contracts, royalties and any other necessary components together.

  • Rehearsal space.  We can only offer the up to three 8-hour days in the space.  Any other rehearsal needs are on you.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Artist or group of artists

  • Atlanta-based

  • Early-career (have at least one paid, professional credit on your resume, but have not originated/created more than five projects in a professional setting)

  • Lead artists must be “early-career” by our definition, but supporting artists can have any level of experience.

*With your application you will need to submit the resumes of any artists on the project.

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Thanks for your interst in Synchronicity!

To figure out the best match for our intern program, we need to know a little bit about you. Here’s how the process works:

Fill out the form below and email or mail to us. Please include a resume or list of experience, if you have one. (No worries if you don’t!)
We’ll call you to talk about some of the options for next season.
You’ll submit two references – either teachers, past directors, employers, etc.
We’ll see if there is a good match for you at Synchronicity as an intern!

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