Synchronicity Theatre is now available to rent!

Our space is available to tour upon request.

The Synchronicity Annex is also available to Arts Community members for rental.  Please contact for details.

Contact Facility & Production Manager Lisa Green at

Please review Rental Packet before contacting us for a rental.

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Synchronicity typically rents by the week with rates including the space and the equipment but no labor. Daily and hourly rentals can also be arranged.


If you are interested in renting our space, please review all the information in the Venue Information Packet, and then follow these easy steps:


1. Read the information about our rental policies and fees in the Rental Packet.


2. Send a venue inquiry email to Using the information you provide for your event, a technical estimate will be put together along with your Licensee Agreement.


3. Sign a Licensee Agreement and put down a deposit of 50%.  No dates will be held without a signed Agreement and deposit.  


To book your rental, check availability, or to set up a walk-through visit to see the space, please contact Facility & Production Manager Lisa Green at 



Approximate stage dimensions: 30’ wide x 18 1/2’ deep (with soft goods - 21' 6" to the wall)
Grid is fixed at 12’
Stage height: 6” above floor
1 Main traveler (Grand Drape), red
House is raked: 5’3” over 25’, with 6.5” steps
Seats: 138


See Rental Packet for complete
information on fees, specs & more.







(4-hours minimun, no partial hours)

Mon, Tues, Wed - $150/hour + facility mgr + tech fees

Thurs or Sun - $210/hour facility mgr + tech fees

Fri or Sat - $275/hour facility mgr + tech fees



Full Day buyout (up to 8 hours):

Mon, Tues, Wed: $1150 + facility mgr + tech fees 

Thurs or Sun: $1650 + facility mgr + tech fees 

Fri or Sat: $2150 + facility mgr + tech fees

1 week: $4,000/week + facility mgr + tech fees

2-4 weeks: $3,500/week + facility mgr + tech fees

5+ weeks: $3,000/week + facility mgr + tech fees

*Additional technical fees may be required



Hourly: $75/hour + facility mgr, tech & house mgr fees

Full Day buyout: $600/day  (up to 8 hours) + facility mgr, tech & house mgr fees

1 week: $3,000/week + facility mgr, tech & house mgr fees

2-4 weeks: $2,500/week + facility mgr, tech & house mgr fees

5+ weeks: $2,000/week + facility mgr, tech & house mgr fees

*NOTE: any 'overage' - ie: going over the set rental time period - is charged at $150/hour plus facility manager fees.


For more information about sound, lighting and projection systems, contact Facility & Production Manager Lisa Green at or 404.594.6422.

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Thanks for your interst in Synchronicity!

To figure out the best match for our intern program, we need to know a little bit about you. Here’s how the process works:

Fill out the form below and email or mail to us. Please include a resume or list of experience, if you have one. (No worries if you don’t!)
We’ll call you to talk about some of the options for next season.
You’ll submit two references – either teachers, past directors, employers, etc.
We’ll see if there is a good match for you at Synchronicity as an intern!

Click here to download the General Internship Information form