A powerful new opportunity!

A new training program for new and upskilling Atlanta-based technicians.

Production Boot Camp is a new program created by Synchronicity Theatre. We are partnering with many Atlanta-area theatres, to create a robust training program for both new and experienced technicians. Our hope is that this new program will provide new technicians with hands-on experience, re-build a strong and well-trained workforce, and provide training for technicians who want to brush up or upskill their tool box.

In Spring 2024, our Boot Camps will include our next Stage Management cohort, an all-new Electricians training track, and a hands-on Carpentry skills day. Partner Theatres include: Actor's Express, Dad's Garage, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Theatrical Outfit, Stage Door Players, Out Front, and more.

To become a partner theatre, please email Synchronicity Associate Producer Elisabeth Cooper

Special thanks to Truist Bank and The Scott Hudgens Family Foundation, whose support of Synchronicity's Production Boot Camp's pilot program allows us to offer this training at no charge, and to support participants with a small training stipend!

Eligibility - All early professionals, or college juniors or seniors are eligible to participate.

Past Boot Camps -

  • Fall 2023 - Stage Management, Carpentry/Technical Direction
This is your 5-minute call, stage managers!

If you have never stage managed, are an early stage manager, or just want to brush up on your skills, this track is for you!

Stage Management participants will receive:

  • Five 2-hour workshops, plus bonus intro workshop for any new folks (those who have not stage managed before outside of educational institutions)
  • Networking & Connection to hiring managers at partner theatres
  • Documentation templates and paperwork
  • Prompt book & reports review
  • Plus a small stipend for each day of training you complete, and anyone completing all 5 workshops will receive a few pieces to start your own SM kit!

Workshop 1

This is perfect for people who have never worked a light hang and/or want a refresher on the basics of the different lighting instruments, cabling, hanging lights.

Workshop 2

In this workshop we will dive deeper into light focus, troubleshooting, working with the Lead Electrician, how to read a plot and more.

Electrics participants will receive:

  • 2 hands-on 4-hour workshops.
  • Paid, mentored work calls at Synchronicity and/or partner theatres
  • Networking & Connection to hiring managers at partner theatres
  • Access to shared production calendars with partner theatres, to see build, hang and rehearsal calendars
  • Plus a small stipend for each day of training you complete, and anyone completing all 2 workshops will receive a few basic items for your 'kit'!