New Stages is our touring program, bringing high-quality Family Series productions to theatres around the southeast.

Each touring show entertains and educates children and families, while encouraging literacy and sharing live theatre experiences.

Complete details on pricing, contacts and technical rider information, are in the touring show’s information packet.

SPRING 2022: Bob Marley's Three Little Birds

Growing up can be hard, but “don't worry 'bout a thing, man!” Ziggy wants to get out and enjoy his beautiful island in the sun, but the fear of evil spirits, tropical storms, and bandits keep him locked inside. With the help of a few feathered friends, he learns to face his fears and is reminded in soothing six-part harmony that “every little thing gonna' be alright!”

"A jammin' musical featuring the timeless music and lyrics of Bob Marley and based on the children's book by his daughter Cedella, Bob Marley's Three Little Birds shares the legendary artist's message of peace and love with a new generation of songbirds."

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Show Details

Load In: 2 hrs

Performance: 60 mins

Load Out: 2 hrs

6 Actors

1 Stage Manager

1 Run Crew

1 Tour Producer

Study Guide/Teacher Packet and Technical Rider provided.


Starting at $3,500 per performance

$6,000 for up to 3 performances in one day

Block booking: 10% discount available for 6+ performances per week in one geographic area