Created from a desire to use our theatre space to make a home for new theatrical works, and a place for emerging artists to flex their wings, Stripped Bare is an incubator to test-drive new ideas. Stripped Bare is about theatre at its core. A Stripped Bare project is not about sets, lights, props, and costumes. It is about actors, words, passion, movement, and ideas.

Have a great project in mind and just need somewhere to get it off the ground? Consider applying for Stripped Bare, an arts incubator project for innovative projects by emerging artists. We are committed to a diversity of voices, and encourage all eligible artists to apply.

A Stripped Bare project...

Is on its feet.

Plays with form.

Experiments with an artistic idea.

Pushes personal artistic boundaries.

Re-imagines classics or creates brand new work.

Is driven by the art.

It is not...

A staged reading.

A full production. Seriously. So that means, there is no…

  • Set (There is no rigging, no flats, no repainting of the space, no changing of the curtain placements.)
  • Lights (You can use our rep plot, but there is no re-focusing. We encourage you to think simply if you do any cuing.)
  • Sound (You can have a few sound cues, but no mics.)
  • Projector (With very rare exceptions)
  • Props (You may bring in and use simple, minimal furniture or props.)