Regional Premiere

Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, Juanan Leija; once normal women, normal mothers. Now branded forever by their ability to commit the unthinkable crime. In Carson Kreitzer's stunning drama, we peer into the defining moments of three broken lives through the eyes of the detectives charged with sifting through the shards while struggling to stay sane. Can the water that drowned their children ever wash these women clean?

Cast + Crew

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Suehyla El Attar

Juana/La Llorona/La Malinche

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Rachel Garner


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Dori Garziano


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Mark Gray


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Daniel Thomas May


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Theroun Patterson


Jillian Fratkin

Assistant Stage Manager/Leitalift Intern

Charlie Moore

Stage Manager/Light Board Operator

Laura Meyer, Matthew Eli Judd

Run Crew

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Rochelle Barker

Scenic Designer

Elizabeth Rasmusson

Costume Designer

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Corrie Haislip

Properties Designer

Chip Epsten

Sound Designer/Composer

John Pruner

Video Designer

Michael Strauss

Live Video Designer

J. Todd Smith

Director of Photography

Kathy Janich


Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Celeste Miller


Cynthia Barrett

Vocal Coach

Benjamin J. Garmon

Technical Director

Jason Ferguson, Kelsey Fowler, Brittany Garmon, Randy Garmon, Taber Haislip, Colin McCord, John Parker


Siauyee Ho


Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Stacey Bode