Regional Premiere

A young girl with cerebral palsy is locked in the prison of her own body. Will her parents do the unthinkable and abandon her to escape the bruising reality of her care? In this emotionally charged drama, late playwright John Belluso raises fundamental questions about the nature of parenthood, love, desire, and what it means to be a disabled person in America.

Cast + Crew

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Robin Bloodworth


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Stacy Melich


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Lane Carlock


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Lynne Ashe


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Alexandra McColl


Bob Souvorin, Gabe Scala, Mike Buscher, Dante Erba, Rachel Graham, Tak Masuda, Blake Myers, Aaron Barnes, Earl Aldridge

Set Construction

Kat Parham, Alicia Barker, Katherine Fritz, Audrey Baker, Jenniffer Moore from Porter Novelli

Scenic Painting

Erin Haas

Stage Manager

Emily Chapman

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Anne Ehlers

Production Manager

Rochelle Barker

Scenic Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Sydney Roberts

Costume Designer

Mimi Epstein

Sound Designer

Elizabeth Cooper

Properites Designer

Robert Paragassou

Technical Director

Cynthia Barrett

Vocal Coach

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer