The Broadway smash hit!

This fabulous musical adaptation of these time-honored children's books is not to be missed. Frog and Toad are complete opposites but best friends. In this three time Tony-Award nominee musical, jazzy big band tunes and a quirky cast of amphibians, birds, squirrels, and one sassy snail will sing, dance, and charm their way into your hearts. Perfect for fun-loving grown-ups and kids age four and up.

Cast + Crew

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Drew Archer

Man Bird/Snail/Various

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Lindsey Lamb Archer

Lady Bird/Turtle/Various

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Denise Arribas

Lady Bird/Mouse/Various

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Shawn Knight


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Bryan Mercer


Chris Jones, Jason Munger, Eric Van Arsdale, Gig, Yui, Beth

Set Construction

Christina Whitaker

Scenic Painter

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Joel Silverman


Bryan Mercer

Musical Director

Enda Breadon

Assistant Director

Libby Mickle

Stage Manager/Lighting Board Operator

Edna Breadon

Assistant Director

Laura Coates

Assistant Stage Manager

Preston Goodson

Sound Operator

Rachel May

Production Manager

Nick Collins, Derek Kinsler

Scenic Designers

Eric Van Arsdale

Technical Director

Heidi Howard, Melisa DuBois

Set Dressing

Michael Callahan

Lighting Designer

Joe Monaghan

Master Electrician/Sound Technician

Katherine Aurora Callahan

Costume Designer

Erin Haas

Properties Director

Aaron Gotlieb

Puppet Designer