Regional Premiere

Alexander's bad day has just gotten worse. His parents announce that they are movin to a new town, where there are no kids his age for one thouse miles, least that's what Alexander thinks. So he's putting his foot down and he is NOT going to move. The sequel to last season's hit, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day again stars Greg Morris as Alexander.

Cast + Crew

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Lindsay Creedon

Rachel, Melanie Rooney

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Brian Crawford

Nick, Albert, Samantha Rooney

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Christy Clark

Audrey, Christine Rooney

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Edwin Link

Father, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Rooney, Seymour, Mr. Friendly

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Greg Morris


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Sarah Onsager

Mother, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Oberdorfer, Andrea Rooney

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Joey Villemez

Anthony, Joanne Rooney

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Meredith Woolard

Sarah, Swoozie, Louise Rooney

Justin Wellborn

Properties Designer

Nyrobi Moss

Costume Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Blake Myers

Technical Director

Derek Kinsler

Scenic Designer

Anne Ehlers

Production Manager

Lindsay Creedon

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Erin Haas

Stage Manager/Board Operator

Kathleen Donahoe


Bryan Mercer

Music Director

Jeffrey Zwartjes

Puppet Designer

Heather A. Ward

Assistant Lighting Designer/Master Electrician

Amy Jackson, Bob Souvorin, Robert Parragaussau, Aaron Barnes, Charles Porterfield

Set Construction and Scenic Painting

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Joel Silverman