Regional Premiere

When the revolutions of the 70s devolve into the materialism of the 80s, a girl born into an activist family has some unanswered questions. In this musical memoir, Eisa Davis, Pulitzer Prize finalist and niece of the legendary Angela Y. Davis, reveals her struggle to shine in the shadow of an icon. A quest for personal politics told through the powerful voices of five women and a hip hop beat.

Cast + Crew

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Minka Wiltz


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Greta Glenn


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Ayesha Ngaujah


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Jeanette Illidge


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Naomi Lavette


Laura Coates

Stage Manager

Kate Bidwell

Props Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Nyrobi Moss

Costume Designer

Rochelle Barker

Set Designer

Spencer Stephens

Sound Designer

Jon Summers

Production Manager

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Eric VanArsdale

Technical Director

Caroline Masclet

Piano Teacher