Regional Premiere

A fresh, tantalizing take on a familiar tale of romance, betrayal and political intrigue. Devout as she is ambitious, Anne navigates courtly love, lust and lies to secure not only her own marriage to King Henry VIII but a Protestant reformation. Anne fulfills her calling to be England’s first Protestant queen, but keeping her crown – and her head – is a different matter. A delicious and daring revisionist history.

Cast + Crew

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Josh Brook

Henry Barrow/Parrot/Country Man 1/Sloop

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Allan Edwards

Dean Lancelot Andrewes/Thomas Cromwell

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Timothy Harland

George Villiers/Country Man 2

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Brian Hatch

James I/Henry VIII

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Assata Hefner

Lady Jane Seymour/Divine/Country Woman 2

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Nysa Loudon

Lady Celia/Divine/Country Woman 1

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Brooke Owens

Anne Boleyn

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Doyle Reynolds

Robert Cecil/Tyndale/Simpkin

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Brittany L. Smith

Lady Rochford/Divine

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Kerwin Thompson

Doctor John Rainolds/Cardinal Wolsey

Lisa Green

Production Management

Cynthia Barrett

Dialect Consultant

Laura Soldati, The [L] Agency, LLC

Public Relations

Carter Eastis

Technical Direction

Barrett Doyle

Scenic Design

Elisabeth Cooper

Properties Design

Rob Brooksher

Sound Design

Abby Parker

Costume Design

Susan Carter

Assistant Costume Design

D. Connor McVey

Lighting Design

Allison Kelley

Stage Management

Jacob McKee, Joi Porter

Assistant Stage Management

Kathy Janich


David Sterritt

Fight Director

Vii Kelly

Prosthetic Design

BreeAnne Clowdus


Angela Aquino

Graphic Designer