The world of cheerleading is more diabolical thank you think. "Bring it On" meets "Six Feet Under" in this hilarious black comedy about two girls who tackle the loss of innocence, and search for the perfect cheer.

Cast + Crew

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Maria Parra

Cheer Squad

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Kelly Rutherford

Cheer Squad

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Kevin Stillwell


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Cheri Christian


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Jennifer Duran

Cheer Squad

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Allison Fleming


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Megan Hayes


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Rachel Mewbron


Rachel May


Michele Pearce

Production Manager

Hope Mirlis


Rita Marcec

Stage Manager

Nina Larsen

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Ginger Poole

Cheer Choreographer

Jessica Coale

Light Designer

Nick Collins

Set Designer

Elisabeth Cooper

Props Designer

Emily Gill

Costume Designer

Clint Thornton

Sound Designer

Mack Headrick

Technical Director

David Palombo

Assistant Technical Director

Ben Tilley

Master Electrician