World Premiere

It is 2011. Troy Davis is about to be executed for killing a white police officer, catalyzing worldwide debates about racial justice & capital punishment. Burned-out activist Alison finds purpose in efforts to exonerate Davis, exasperating her corporate lawyer husband. Civil Rights veteran Mary and her grandson Curtis clash on capital punishment in light of a dark trauma in their past.

Commissioned by Synchronicity, this powerful world premiere by Lee Nowell presents a balanced investigation of diverse beliefs about race, justice and the death penalty. The two acts are played in alternating order each night; half of performances begin with Act 1 and half with Act 2.

*Note: the entire show plays every night.*

There will be a discussion following each performance.

Mature subject matter, no one under 13 admitted.

Cast + Crew

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Terry Henry


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Britny Horton

Tanesha (u/s), Lucy (u/s), Utility #3 (u/s), Utility #4 (u/s)

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Eric Mendenhall


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Stephen Ruffin


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Cynthia D. Barker

Lucy, Tanesha, Utility #4

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John Benzinger

Tony, John, Utility #1

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Eddie Bradley, Jr .

Utility #2

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Brad Brinkley

US: Bob (u/s)

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Lane Carlock


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Danielle Deadwyler

Utility #3

Angela Aquino

Graphic Designer

Kathy Janich

Lobby Exhibit Curator

Taryn Carmona

Assistant Director

Lisa Green

Production Management

Dr. Irma Starr, The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice

Consultant Partner

Laura Soldati, The [L] Agency, LLC

Public Relations

Carter Eastis

Technical Direction

Barrett Doyle

Set Design

Tyler Perez, Ricky Coca, Cindy Brower, Tristan Ludden, Andrew Bledsoe


Elisabeth Cooper

Properties Design

Chris Bartelski, Michael ten Pas

Sound Design/Music Composition

Dale Adams

Projection Design

Sydney Roberts

Costume Design

Mitch Marcus

Master Electrician

Jackie Pace, Gabe Kaplan, Sarah Pindak


Ken Yunker

Lighting Design

Deadra Moore

Stage Management

Tim Davy, Britny Horton

Assistant Stage Management

Gabrielle Fulton, Shontelle Thrash


BreeAnne Clowdus