Prix heads an efficient crime organization. She runs drugs and orders drive-by shootings. She is obsessed with the magic of fireworks. Prix is 16. Based on extensive research with girls in gangs, this powerful and hard-hitting new work dives into the real lives of girls who choose a life of violence on the streets.

Cast + Crew

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Joniece Abbott-Pratt

Jupiter, Cat

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Tiffany Brown

Malika/Socks, Jo

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Kameshia Duncan

Angel, Shondra, CO

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Michele McCullough


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Shontelle Thrash


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Michael Tatmon


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Maria Parra

Denise, Jo’s Friend, Fuego

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Hilda Willis

Mother/Officer Dray

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Traci Tolmaire

Pepper, CO

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Mia Whitehead


Rachel May


Sandra Benton

Assistant Director

Michele Pearce

Production Manager/Producer

Hope Mirlis


Rita Marcec

Stage Manager

Mia Whitehead

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Marisabel Marratt

Set Designer

Jessica Coale

Light Designer

Mack Headrick

TD/Master Carpenter

Heidi Howard

Props Designer

Elisa Lloyd

Vocal Coach

Nyrobi Moss

Costume Designer

Paulo A. Rivas

Sound Designer

Colleen Kelly

Fight Choreographer

Nichollé McKoy

Technical Intern