He's BA-A-ACK!!

What's making the veggies in the Monroe family fridge turn white? Harold the dog and Chester the cat have their suspicions, but it couldn't be that cute little bunny ... right?

A spooky mystery for ages 5+.

Cast + Crew

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Jimi Kocina


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Erin Lorette


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Royce Mann


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Tendal Mann


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Amy Rush


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Rachel White

Mrs. Monroe

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Nick Arapaglou

Mr. Monroe

Cynthia Barrett

Dialect Coach

Vince Simmons

Stage Crew

Louis Rhodes

Sound Technician

Noah Hill

Master Electrician/Light Board Operator

Steven Spelman, Nina Kyle, Robert Jenkins, Jerry Hunter, Keller Smith

Set Construction

Colin McCord

Master Carpenter

Jess Wells

Sound Designer

Malina Rodriguez

Technical Director

Melissa Dubois

Properties Designer

Katherine Callahan

Original Costume Designer

Elizabeth Rasmusson

Costume Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Siauyee Ho

Assistant to the Set Designer/Scenic Painter

Rochelle Barker

Set Designer

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Christina Dresser

Stage Manager

Clint Thornton

Sound Designer

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer