World Premiere

Part "I Love Lucy", part Jacobean revenge tragedy and part feminist power ballad. Set in the lush North Georgia mountains, the ever-sweet Nan finally flips the story on her abusive husband, Kyle, and takes back her life. With a deep love of Jimmy Carter, some faithful friends and one violent Shakespearean stage direction, it ain't over till the bears are in pursuit.

Cast + Crew

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Veronika Duerr

Nan Carter

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Nicholas Tekosky

Kyle Carter

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Taylor M. Dooley


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Clifton Guterman


Judy Beasley, Betty Mitchell

Volunteer Coordinators

Kelly Greene

Assistant Stage Manager

Maggie McEnerny

Stage Manager

Rachel DeJulio

Assistant Director/Video Design

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer/Set Designer

Jen Trippe

Master Electrician

Chris Bartelski

Sound Designer/Original Music/Video Technician

Jamie Richardson

Charge Scenic Artist

Landi McAdams

Costume Designer

Lindsey Moore

Properties Designer

Daniel L. Faulkner

Technical Director

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Mailina Rodriguez, Colin McCord

Master Carpenters

Danny Davis, Lindsay Moore, Christianna Huber, Kenneth Wigley, Jim Walsh, Ryan Kightlinger, Michael Frame


Nancy Crawley

House Manager

Brigette Gary

Box Office Manager

Chris Bartelski


Michael Strauss

Video Assistant