Regional Premiere

Miranda and Nick want a baby. Simple, right? But, are they ready for the hormones, headstands and hamsters it will take to get their wish? The award-winning author of Living Out brings us an open, honest, hilarious and surprisingly tender look, fertility in the 21st century.

Cast + Crew

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Suehyla El Attar

Yolanda, Paula, various

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Allen Hagler

Sal, Richard, Dr. John, various

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David Howard

Dominic, Gary, various

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Stacy Melich


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Tiffany Morgan

Lila, Judy, various

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Maria Sager

Pat, Lupe, various

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Daniel Triandiflou


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Lauren Vandemark

Tina, Heather, Lisa, various

Joel Silverman


Charlie Moore

Stage Manager/Light Board Operator

Jon Summers

Production Manager

Jon Williamson

Set Designer

Katie McCreary

Lighting Designer

Emily Gill

Costume Designer

Logan Gradison

Costume Assistant

Corrie Haislip

Properties Designer

Britt Hultgren

Technical Director

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Clint Thornton

Sound Designer

Corrie Haislip, Tabor Haislip, Kara Garner

Run Crew

Randy Ramroop, Jared Pepper, Derek Bozaich

Set Construction

Amy Erlrich, Katie Eniel, Cynthia Pharris

Scenic Painters

Shashi Ramroop


Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer