Fancy Nancy and her best friend, Bree, can’t wait to star as mermaids in their school’s ballet production of Deep Sea Dances. But when another ballerina is cast as the glamorous mermaid, Nancy is stuck playing a boring tree! Can Nancy bring her signature panache to a small role, staying true to her philosophy that anyone can be fancy? And when misfortune strikes right before the big show, who will step into the spotlight?

Cast + Crew

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Ashley Anderson


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Jimmica Collins


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Caitlin Thomas White


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Sterling McClary


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Becca Potter


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Stephanie Earle


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Tyner Rushing

Wanda (u/s)

Carter Eastis

Technical Direction

Mitch Marcus

Master Electrician

Robert Hannon

Sound Technician

Ryan Bradburn with Elisabeth Cooper

Properties and Set Design

Chris Bartelski

Sound Designer

Landi McAdams

Costume Design

Lisa Green

Production Management

Mary Parker

Lightning Design

Erica Mandato

Stage Management

Kacie Willis, Abbie Sheridan, Nicole Smith

Assistant Stage Management/Intern

Kathy Janich