Joint world premiere

She's read all the books. Bookmarked all the blogs. She should totally have this parenting thing down, right? So why has she locked herself in her bathroom with the Dora the Explorer soundtrack muffling her tears? Gogerty returns to Synchronicity following her 2010 hit Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant. Her "whopper" son is now the size of a frozen turkey and is presenting new challenges as she tries to solve the Jenga puzzle that is her life as mother, career woman and feminist. Gogerty will have you laughing until you cry (or maybe wet yourself).

Cast + Crew

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Megan Gogerty


Scott Olinger

Original Set Design

Jon Summer

Sound Engineer

Laura Meyer

Stage Manager

Malina Rodriguez

Master Electrician

Megan Gogerty

Costume and Sound Design

Phillip Male

Floor Design

Jenn Collins

Lead Carpenter

Danny Davis, Lindsay Moore, Sharon Sibley


Jessica Coale

Lighting Design

Nina Gooch

Property Design and Production Manager

Ralph Traxler

Light Board Operator