Welcome to Galactic Studios Theme Park and Resort! Galactic Studios! When you're here, you're a star. Plucky ride attendant Gloria dreams of giving the World Famous Studio Backlot Tour, but there's just one problem: Whenever she starts to describe Galactic Studios' world-renowned contributions to the horror genre, she faints! It's a good thing she has her best friend Minnie by her side. But wait! What about these rumors swirling around the park that changes are coming to certain beloved attractions? Who really is the mysterious new benefactor Mr. Carl Wellington? Why is Minnie suddenly acting so strangely?! How do you keep moving forward when it seems like your dreams just aren't going to come true?


Dani Herd is an Atlanta-based writer and theatre artist. Their play Monster Girls, Sunshine Doughnuts was a recipient of the 2020 Ethel Woolson Lab with Working Title Playwrights. They are a co-producer and frequent combatant with Write Club Atlanta and a resident artist with The Come Up Show ATL. gloria and minnie and the castle on the backlot is their second full-length play and they are thrilled for the opportunity to talk about theme parks and classic monsters with this amazing team of artists. You can follow some of their nerdy ramblings at hopeisthethingwithlightsabers.com.

Cast + Crew

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Cameryn Richardson


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Kait Rivas


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Chris Schulz


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Lucas Ryan

Carl Wellington/Jack Rivers

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O’Neil Delapenha

Jeremy Franklin

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Kirstin Calvert

Zelda Lang