Hannah Cremation + The Ash is a rock musical by Rebekah Suellau and Sarah Beth Moseley about two women coming together to find their "RAH!" – that inner core that turns disappointment and frustration into creative energy.

This workshop is part of Stripped Bare, a new arts incubator project that gives artists a space to create and produce new work. Designed for early-career artists, Stripped Bare focuses on projects that emphasize words and ideas, with minimal technical elements.

Creator Rebekah Suellau says of the project: "Culturally, we are, a moment that is freeing up great reserves of energy in the form of frustration, disappointment, and anger. Many people do not know what to do with this energy, and many are uncomfortable with it. Women, in particular, have been taught or told that their anger is not socially acceptable; that they must be quiet, compliant and compromising; that they must play a game with no input as to the rules of that game. Hannah and Ash reject those marching orders, and harness the rebellious spirit of punk rock to transform dissatisfaction into action."

Cast + Crew

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Mary Ruth Ralston


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Sarah Beth Moseley


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Kevin Roost

Spencer Lockroche

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Chelcy Cutwright