Regional Premiere

Look out – laser is on the way. An electrolysist facing obsolescence is having a bad, bad day. Her girlfriend breaks up with her. Her writing teacher won't read past the first sentence of her stories. Her grandmother is obsessed with bunny slippers. Does she dare hope for hope?

Cast + Crew

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Stacy Melich


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John Benzinger

Dr. Disposio

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Kristi Casey

Finola Cornflakes

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Mary Ellen MCcall

Granny Gee

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Lane Carlock



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U1 Design

Publicity Materials Design

Hope Mirlis

Program Design

David Palombo, Joey Villemez, Bradley Bergeron, Hampton Whatley

Set Construction and Paint Crew

Ben Tilley

Master Electrician

Jessica Coale

Lighting Design

Heidi Howard

Properties Design

Christie Klouse

Technical Direction

Nick Collins

Set Design

Clint Thornton

Sound Design

George Deavours

Wig Stylist

Emily Gill

Costume Design

Michele Pearce

Production Manager

Elizabeth Westbrook

Assistant Stage Manager/Crew

Natae Eady

Stage Manager/Board Operator

Rachel May, Michele Pearce, Hope Mirls