Isolated in the brutal Arctic Zone, a scientist spends her life researching the whereabouts of Frankenstein’s monster as an expression of devotion for her delusional lover. Immersed in a world where fantasy thrives and dementia beckons, the invasion of sanity threatens to be the most fearsome monster. Her Last Expodition is a psychological thriller – haunting, horrific, and yet incredibly sweet. It is a love story.


Daphne Mintz is an Atlanta-based playwright, dramaturg, and producer dedicated to the mission of developing new works. As a proud supporter of the Jo Howarth Noonan Foundation, Daphne is especially supportive of works featuring protagonist roles for female-identifying actors over age 40. In addition to Her Last Expedition (Winner, 2020 Georgia Theatre Conference One-Act New Play Competition), Daphne’s works include The Cinderblock Barmaid (Finalist, Sundance Film Festival Screenplay Writing Competition, 1997), Cinnamon Girl (Honorable Mention, 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition in the Stage Play Script category), and In Lieu of Flowers, (Finalist, Original Works, Metro Atlanta Theatre Awards, 2011). Daphne is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild of America, the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, and Working Title Playwrights.

Cast + Crew

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Nicole Swanson


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Sharon Mathis


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Bob Smith


Daphne Mintz

Playwright and Team Lead

Pamela Turner


Mark Swanson


Kristin Storla

Movement and Fight Choreographer

Kyra Cohen

Stage Manager