Faced with the loss of her beloved Ba Gia, a courageous little girl sets off on a magical journey to understand the nature of life. Along the way, the Sun, the Moon and The Bird Who Has No Wings help her with her search. With music and magic, this sensitive fable inspires us to remember the ties that bind.

Cast + Crew

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Justin Welborn


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Nyrobi Moss


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Zany Pohlel

Little Star

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Jackie Prucha

Ba Gia

Annie Bosworth

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Ronnie Campbell

Stage Manager/Board Operator

Clint Thornton

Director/Sound Designer

Rachel May, Michele Pearce, Hope Mirlis


Michele Pearce

Production Manager

Katherine Callahan

Costume Design

Rochelle Barker

Production Design

Casey Johnson

Technical Direction

Elisabeth Cooper

Properties Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Ben Tilley

Master Electrician

Sabina Maia Angel

Video Arts Designer

Casey Johnson, Nick Strangis

Video Operators

Celeste Miller

Movement Consultant

Brenda Gardner, Bob Souvorin, Joe Sykes, Jeff Feldman, Nick Strangis, Sarah Raskin, JJ Sebastian, Ronnie Campbell, Debbie Hays

Set Construction and Scenic Painting

Michael Bernier

Poster/Flyer Design

Joel Silverman