Silliness and a whole lotta spunk has got a new name, and it is JUNIE B. JONES! When this spirited and sassy young lady gets a new little brother who is a "cute little monkey," things get all mixed up! Based on the wildly popular book of the same name, this fun and footloose musical comes from the creator of Miss Nelson is Missing.

For kids four and up.

Cast + Crew

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Bethany Lind

Junie B. Jones

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Jeffrey Zwartjes

Grandpa/Meany Jim

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Dolph Amick

Crybaby William/Principal/Father

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Nico Ward

That Grace

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Christy Baggett


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Denise Arribas


Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Susan McCluskey

Stage Manager

Charlotte Cue

Assistant Stage Manager

Chris Bartelski

Sound Designer

Nyrobi Moss

Costume Designer

Rochelle Barker

Set Designer

Melissa Dubois

Properties Designer

Jon Summers

Production Manager

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Eric VanArsdale

Technical Director