A National New Play Network rolling world premiere

The sexy, stunning origin of comics' greatest heroine! Put Wonder Woman, film noir, Gloria Steinem and Gen X comic book lovers in the blender that is Carson Kreitzer's imagination and what do you get? You get Lasso of Truth, a rolling world premiere with Marin Theatre Company and Unicorn Theatre.

Known for her “muscular and sharp” (CityBeat) writing, Kreitzer traces the origin story and lasting impact of the comic book character Wonder Woman through the life of her controversial creator William Marston. Lasso of Truth is a smart, seductive and wild romp through our sordid history of gender politics and featuring an eclectic cast of characters.

Lasso of Truth is a multimedia theatrical experience featuring comic panels by graphic artist Jacob Stoltz.

Cast + Crew

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Kevin Stillwell


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Tenaya Cleveland

The Wife

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Bryn Striepe

The Amazon

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Matt Myers


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Christen Orr


Katie Elkins

Production Intern

Lady D, Trinity

BDSM Consultants

Christina Jundt

Directing Assistant

Julie Skrzypek

Assistant Stage Manager

Jacob Stoltz

Visual Artist

Kristin Von Heinzemyer and Preston Goodson

Sound Engineers

Hayley Brotherton

Stage Management

Jessica Coale

Lighting Design

Carter Eastis

Technical Direction

Elisabeth Cooper

Properties Design

Abby Parker

Costume Design

Jeanette Matté

Production Management

Jon Summers and Sarah Pindak

Video Design

Kat Conley

Scenic Design

Kathy Janich


Cindy Brower, Sam Carter, Tyler Perez


Tara O'Neill

Master Electrician

Kwame Braun

Pre-Show Video Sequence Design

Angela Aquino

Graphic Designer

Caitlin T. White, Liz Hartnett, Christina Jundt, Sarah Lamb, Casey Orlando

Box Office Staff