The Primms and their son Joshua are in for a shock when Lyle the Crocodile turns up in the bathtub of their new apartment! Lyle quickly wins them over with his helpful manners and showbiz tricks. But Mr. Grumps the neighbor wants Lyle locked up in the zoo, just because he’s a little different. Will Lyle save the day and prove himself as a beloved friend and neighbor? Find out in this song and dance extravaganza that’s as fast-paced and fun as its New York City setting.

Cast + Crew

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Cat Espinoza, Da’Quan Cooney, Olivia Samford, Hannah Zeldin

Child Ensemble

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Justin Anderson

Understudy (Mr. Grumps)

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Matt Baum


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Joseph Masson

Joshua Primm

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Daniel Hilton

Mr. Primm

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Sarah Peavy

Mrs. Primm

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Brandon Connor Patrick

Hector P. Valenti

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Josh Brook

Mr. Grumps

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Jill Harnes

Ms. Nitpicker

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Jimmica Collins, Joseph Pendegrast


Ryan Bradburn

Scenic and Properties Design/Scenic Painter

Julie Skrzypek

Stage Management

Scottie Rowell

Costume and Puppet Design

Lisa Green

Production Management

Kevin Frazier

Lighting and Sound Design

Elisabeth Cooper

Technical Direction

Casey Orlando

Assistant Stage Manager

Carter Eastis

Master Carpenter

Zach George, JaParis Key, Shiv Koria, Angie Short


Mitch Marcus

Master Electrician

Robert Jenkins, Tristan Ludden


Kathy Janich

Dramaturgy Board

Caitlin T. White, Liz Hartnett, Christina Jundt

Box Office Staff

John Kraus, Ally Scarcia, Christina Jundt, LynneAshe, Samuel Traquina, Jazz Wages

House Managers