Told in the distinct style of Rivera’s magical realism, Marisol is the story of Marisol Perez, a young Puerto Rican woman living in New York City, who has been protected throughout her life by her guardian angel. When her angel leads a rebellion against God, all hell literally breaks loose. Marisol’s journey through this strange landscape brings her face to face with her own spirituality and hope, as well as exposing her deepest fears.

Cast + Crew

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Thalia Baudin


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Michele McCullough


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Stacy Melich


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Hope Mirlis

The Woman with Furs

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Aileen Loy

Young Woman

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Brit Whittle


Rachel May


Michele Pearce


Sarah Raskin

Dramaturg/Assistant Director

Marisabel Marratt

Set Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Nikki Tolbert

Costume Designer

Brian Griffin

Sound Designer

Julie Oshins

Assistant Sound Design/Producer

John McCarthy

Fight Choreographer

Bobby Abrahamson

Projections/Press Photos


Master Electrician