A World Premiere

Synchronicity Theatre opens the 2013-2014 season with the world premiere of Milvotchkee, Visconsin. Written by Laura Jacqmin and directed by Patricia Henritze, Milvotchkee, Visconsin balances witty vernacular and beautiful narrative with a stirring and touching story, creating a refreshingly intimate theatrical experience.

In this ‘comedy about a tragedy,’ we see the world through Molly’s eyes as she guides us through Wisconsin’s Concrete Park and the vagaries of getting older, handling both with humor, bewilderment and a can-do spirit. Laura Jacqmin's script will open your eyes and your heart to lives lived with dignity and dreams fulfilled.

Milvotchkee, Visconsin was discovered and developed in our 2011-12 SheWRITES Festival.

Cast + Crew

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Ellen McQueen


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James Donadio


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Kelly Criss


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Steve Hudson


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Holly Stevenson

Woman in Black

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Charles Green

Country Doctor

Phil Male

Scenic Design

Lindsay Moore

Properties Design

Kevin Frazier

Lighting and Sound Design

Kathy Janich


Jonida Beqo

Costume Design

Jeanette Matté

Production Management/Master Electrician

Robert B. Putnam

Stage Management

Jeffrey Martin

Technical Direction

Bryan Cort

Technical Direction/Master Carpenter

Carolyn Cook

Vocal and Dialect Coach

Kiara Marie Williams

Assistant Stage Manager

Max Sanchez

Scenic Painter

Chris Barnham, Cindy Brower, Sam Carter


Samuel Traquina

Stage Operator

Caitlin T. White, Liz Hartnett, Nancy Crawley

Box Office Staff

Katie V. Cathell


Angela Aquino

Graphic Designer