The kids of room 207 have become the WORST kids of all! Sweet Miss Nelson has been replaced with the scary substitute Viola Swamp, who won't even have a story hour! Your whole family will love this witty, wacky musical, which teaches a valuable lesson about kindness and respect.

Cast + Crew

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Drew Archer


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Jimi Kocina


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Taylor Driskill


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Erin Lorette


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Patrick McColery

Pop Hanson/Mr. Blandsford/Detective McSmog

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Rachel White

Miss Nelson

Katherine Aurora Callahan

Costume Designer

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Nathan Green

Technical Director

Rochelle Barker

Scenic Designer

Jessica Coale

Production Manager/Master Electrician

Celeste Fredericks

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Laura Coates

Stage Manager/Light Board Operator

Erin Haas

Properties Designer

Jeffery Zwartjes

Shadow Puppet Designer

Katina Parham, Corrie Haislip, Britt Hultgren, Joellen Wells, Linda Burgess

Set Construction

Kat Parham, Liz Dorsey

Scenic Painters

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Joel Silverman


Leah Hayes

Poster illustration