Synchronicity celebrates the holidays with Mr. Popper’s Penguins, a delightful musical for all ages based on the classic 1938 children’s book by Richard and Florence Atwater. Mr. Popper, a humble house painter, gets a cool surprise when Antarctic explorer Admiral Drake ships him a penguin! One penguin expands into a family of penguins, and suddenly the Poppers have a lot of extra mouths to feed on a tight household budget. So, Mr. Popper trains the penguins to perform and takes their show on the road, leading to mischief, hilarity, and dreams come true.

Ages 3+

The show is an hour and a half with a 10-minute intermission.

Cast + Crew

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Alison Dixon


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Brian Jordan, Jr .


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Jacob McKee


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Brandon Partrick

Mr. Popper

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Janeva Sibdhannie


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Megan Wheeler

Mrs. Popper

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Chanel Pinnock, Brittany Sharer


Lisa Green

Production Management

Laura Soldati, The [L] Agency, LLC

Public Relations

Ryan Bradburn

Technical Direction

Tony Szeszko


Ricky Cocoa, Matthew David Sparks


Elisabeth Cooper

Lighting Design

Angus McBee

Assistant Lighting Design/Intern

Preston Goodson

Sound Design

Sydney Roberts

Costume Design

Julie Skrzypek

Stage Management

Reay Kaplan

Puppet Consultant

Lindsey Case Coleman

Shadow Puppet Designer

Chanel Pinnock, Brittany Sharer

Assistant Stage Management

Kathy Janich


Chris Bartelski, Katie V. Cathell