Regional Premiere

An intimate, piercing one-woman show based on letters and diary entries written by Rachel Corrie, who 23, was killed by an Israeli bulldozer while attempting to protect a Palestinian home. Straight from its controversial and sold out New York and London – Rachel Corrie is an autobiographical portrait of a fierce, intelligent, messy, American idealist coming of age.

Cast + Crew

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Courtney Patterson

Rachel Corrie

Nicole Goodness

Archival Photographer

Randy Ramroop

Video Technician

Joel Silverman


Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Preston Goodson

Run Crew

Lisa Johnson, Cate Bidwell

Scenic Painters

Jared Pepper, Randy Ramroop

Set Construction

Mimi Epstein

Sound Designer

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Britt Hultgren

Technical Director

Elizabeth Rasmusson

Costume Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

R. Eric Stone

Associate Scenic Designer

Lisa Johnson

Set Designer and Charge Scenic Artist

Suehyla-El Attar


Ashley Sparks

Community Engagement Coordinator

Erin Haas

Production Manager/Properties Designer

Anne Ehlers

Stage Manager/Light Board Operator