In this musical, Peter Pan's not the only one who won't grow up. Wendy's having trouble coming to terms with moving out of her childhood room and putting on adult clothes. She wants to play! Wendy's life gets sprinkled with a little pixie dust when the daring Peter Pan comes along to whisk her away to the magical island of Neverland where children never grow up. With the help of Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily, mermaids, and a rather dedicated crocodile, Peter and Wendy battle the dreaded, but extremely funny pirate, Captain Hook!

In this swashbuckling adventure, which includes opportunities for audience participation, our heroes must decide if growing up is really all that bad after all.

Best for ages 4+.

Cast + Crew

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Suzanne Stroup


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Edward McCreary

Peter Pan

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Monté J. Howell

Captain Hook/Mr. Darling

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Daniel Hilton


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Shelli Delgado

Tiger Lily/Mrs. Darling

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Evan McLean

Lost Boy 'Tootles'

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Dane Troy

Lost Boy 'Slightly'

Angela Aquino

Graphic Designer

Caitlin T. White, Liz Hartnett, Nancy Crawley, Ashley Dickey

Box Office Staff

Cindy Brower, Travis Seminara


Neal Gibbs, Dylan Phillips


Kristen Hunsicker, Sara Thomson

Scenic Painters

Jordan Wardach

Assistant Lighting Designer

Katie Chambers (Aurora Run), Amber Almon (Synchronicity Run)

Assistant Stage Managers

Drew Reeves

Fight Choreographer

Bryan Cort (Synchronicity), James Helms (Aurora)

Technical Direction

Lindsay Moore

Properties Design

Abby Parker

Costume Design

BrittHultgren Ramroop

Aurora Production Management

Jeanette Matté

Synchronicity Production Management/Master Electrician

Katie Chambers (Synchronicity), EB Hooyer (Aurora)

Stage Management

Kathleen Janich


Ben Tilley

Lighting and Sound Design

Stephanie McCoy

Puppet Design

Thom Jenkins

Sound Design

Tommy Cox

Scenic Design