Back by popular demand

The Herdmans are absolutely the worst kids in the history of the world. When they check out Sunday school one week, the bully their way into the annual holiday pageant. In the process, they teach everyone the true reason for the season. You'll laugh, cry, and cringe as the "Baby Jesus" is tossed head over heals, shepherds, and wise men harmonize, and the "Angel of the Lord" orchestrates a most memorable finale.

Cast + Crew

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John Stewart

Bob Bradley/Rev. Hopkins

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Maureen Yasko

Grace Bradley

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SarahElizabeth Wallis

Beth Bradley

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Sam Costantino

Charlie Bradley

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Josh Nunn

Ralph Herdman

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Claire Rigsby

Imogene Herdman

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Marshall VandenOever

Leroy Herdman

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Madisyn Kenner

Claude Herdman

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Shea Jones

Ollie Herdman

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Katie Keenan

Gladys Herdman

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Eliana Marianes

Alice Morales

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Greta Glenn

Mrs. Armstrong

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Whitney Umstead

Mrs. Slocum/Fireman

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Cheryl Rockwood

Mrs. Clark/Fireman

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Laura King

Mrs. Clausing

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Mary Saville

Mrs. McCarthy

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Rachel Wansker


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Caleb Obodo

Elmer Hopkins

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Elijah Marcano


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Ethan Major


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Grace Costantino


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Ashley Raymer


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Scout Powell


Danielle Wright

Stage Manager

Reanna Osler

Assistant Stage Manager

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Jon Summers

Sound Designer

Philip Male

Set Designer

Stevan Jones

Scenic Artist

Landi McAdams

Costume Designer

Jonida Beqo

Original Costume Designer

Greta Glenn

Production Accompanist

Melisa DuBois

Properties Master

Ralph Traxler

Light Board Operator

Malina Rodriguez

Master Electrician

Jenn Collins

Lead Carpenter

Danny Davis, Lindsay Moore, Sharon Sibley


Danny Davis, Matthew Hufschmidt, James Maloff, Lindsay Moore, Tyler Perez, Brenda Sessions, Charlie Smith, Austin Tidwell


Steven Jones, Nadia Morgan

Scenic Artists

Carter Bevis, Tyler Perez, Brenda Sessions, Charlie Smith


Wendell Johnson

House Manager

Nancy Crawley

Box Office/Group Sales Manager

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Christopher Bartelski