The Herdmans are absolutely the worst kids in the history of the world. But when rumors of free snacks lure them into church one Sunday afternoon, they inadvertantly take over the annual Christmas Pageant. The delightful chaos that ensues teaches everyone about the true spirit of the Holiday Season. We promise ... you'll never look, the three wise men the same way again!

Cast + Crew

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Rachel Wansker


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Mary Saville

Mrs. McCarthy

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Katie Rouille

Mrs. Clausing

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Cheryl Rookwood

Mrs. Clark/Fireman

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Whitney Umstead

Mrs. Slocum/Fireman

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Greta Glenn

Mrs. Armstrong

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Eliana Marianes

Alice Wendleken

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Katie Keenan

Gladys Herdman

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Eva Baez-Brooks

Ollie Herdman

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Zaire Gibbs

Claude Herdman

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Leon Yushin

Leroy Herdman

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Claire Rigsby

Imogene Herdman

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Craig Thompson

Palph Herdman

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Nicholas Sanders

Charlie Bradley

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Sarah Elizabeth Wallis

Beth Bradley

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Maureen Yasko

Grace Bradley

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John Stewart

Bob Bradley/Reverend Hopkins

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Logan Casey

Elmer Hopkins

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Elijah Marcano


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Christopher Ausburn


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Alli Levitas


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Layne Peterson


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Carole Walsh-King


Phillip Male

Scenic Designer

Jon Summers

Sound Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Danielle Wright

Stage Manager

Madison Colquette

Assistant Director/Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Steven Jones

Scenic Artist

Jonida Beqo

Costume Designer

Greta Glenn

Production Accompanist

Melisa DuBois

Properties Master

Daniel L. Faulkner

Technical Director

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Gary Cameron, Danny Davis, Sean Hamilton, Kevin Powers, Sharon Sibly


Rob Hadaway, Redd Harrocks, Colin McCord, Mike Morin, Kenneth Wigley


Wendell Johnson

House Manager

Brigette Gary

Box Office Manager

Bethany Joy Collins