Lazlo S. Gasky starts second grade in a new city and a new country and feels awfully lonely, until popular Ellie McSnelly decides to look beyond his "funny" accent and give him a chance.

A great message for kids 4+.

Cast + Crew

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Joanna Burgess

Ellie McSnelly

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Lake Roberts

Lazlo S. Gasky

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Enisha Brewster

Carrie O’Toole/Bird

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Corey Bradberry

Ricky Jensen/Tree

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Brent Rose

Peter Barsinsky/Doodle the Poodle

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Erin Lorette

Miss Kincaid/Mrs. Gasky/Cafeteria Lady

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Christina Case Dresser

Stage Manager

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Jessica Coale

Set Designer

Preston Goodson

Sound Designer

English Benning

Costume Designer

Elisabeth Cooper

Props Designer