Joint World Premiere with 16th Street Theater Chicago


The Hero's Wife is presented by special arrangement with the Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency, Inc.

Karyssa desperately tries to connect with her Navy SEAL husband, Cameron. Most of his life has been classified. What’s left, he won’t talk about. While he works to rebuild his world, secret night terrors whisper to a violent past. As Karyssa gets closer, the more dangerous Cameron becomes, but she won’t stop until she unearths the secrets of the man she loves and lights his way home.

Mature content: This production contains physical and sexual violence, strong language, and gun shot sound effects.


"I want to transform an audience’s spirit for the brief catharsis of an evening’s entertainment and the after-shock that may last indefinitely."

Aline Lathrop, a graduate of the Northwestern University Theatre Department, has written plays that have been produced in a variety of theaters within the Windy City and across the country. Her plays Bordello and Feast and Merchild received accolades and recognition in being nominated for a Susan Smith Blackburn Prize (Bordello) and recognized in New City's “Top 5 Best New Plays” (Feast). Feast and Merchild was also originally produced, 16th Street Theater where Lathrop served as the Playwright in Residence in 2015. She also has developed many plays, Abingdon Theatre Company, the Chicago Cultural Center, Columbia College, Northwestern University and many more. She is a recipient for the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship and the Dr. Donahue Tremaine Grant, a member of the Dramatists Guild, and an alumna of the Chicago Dramatists Resident Playwright. Her work has been featured and published by Smith & Kraus and used for actor’s audition materials and resources in Audition Arsenal for Women in Their 30’s and Audition Arsenal for Men in Their 20’s.

Cast + Crew

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Rebeca Robles


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Joe Sykes


Angela Aquino

Graphic Designer

Amanda Sachtleban

Video Archival Recording

Jake Guinn

Fight Director

Courtney Loner

Production Manager

Dakota Adams

Stage Manager

Ash Anderson

Intimacy Director

Courtney Dorn

Assistant Stage Manager/Leitalift Intern

Dan Bauman

Sound Designer

Sara W. Culpepper

Set Designer

Lindsay Eisold

Technical Director

Cole Spivia

Costume Designer

Allen Hahn

Lighting Designer

Elisabeth Cooper

Properties Consultant

Kimberly Binns

Video Designer

Kathy Janich


Lee Anne Meeks

Master Electrician

Caleb Silar


Cody Evins

Lighting Technician

Xavier Adams

Lighting Assistant/Intern

Matt Brohammer

Master Carpenter

Joshuaia Campbell, Pat Young, Maddie Fay


Jerry Siegel