When Bilbo Baggins ventures out of his hobbit hole, an epic adventure awaits. Join Bilbo, the wizard Gandalf, and a dozen determined friends as they set out to take back their home from the evil dragon, Smaug.

In partnership with Havoc Movement Company, our production re-imagines J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic masterpiece with five actors, acrobatics, and exciting fight scenes – all with a decidedly steampunk twist. Perfect for young and old adventurers alike, The Hobbit spins a tale of how with a little courage, even the smallest creatures can become heroes.

Run Time: 90 minutes with a 15 minute intermission

Photo credit: Pre-production, Jerry Siegel; Production, Casey Gardner


Based in the U.K, Greg Banks has been working as an actor, writer and director since 1979. His work has taken him from Singapore to Seattle via Moscow, New York and the Arctic Circle. Whilst building a reputation for making and touring new work in small scale venues throughout the UK in the 80's, his work has also been seen in the West End and, the New Victory on Broadway. Since 2003, alongside his work in the U.K. Greg has been a guest Director/Writer, The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis where he has directed his own adaptations of ‘Huck Finn’, ‘Antigone’, ‘Robin Hood’, Pinocchio’, ‘Jungle Book’, ‘Snow White’ and most recently ‘The Hobbit’. Many of these scripts are being produced, theatres throughout the States. He is only sad that he wont get to see this production!

Cast + Crew

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Ash Anderson


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Tennison Barry


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Brooke Owens

Bilbo Baggins

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Benedetto Robinson


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Ryan Vo


Jake Guinn

Director/Fights/Sound/Havoc Producer

Kristin Storla

Assistant Director

Jess Wells


Vallea E. Woodbury

Production Manager

Quintara Johnson

Stage Manager

Lindsay Eisold

Technical Director

Emani Jones

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Joel Coady, Barrett Doyle

Set Designers

Maranda DeBusk

Lighting Designer

Haley Brown

Assistant Lighting Designer

Chase Weaver

Properties Designer

Mark Warner, Alex Hand, Carter Eastis

Additional Specialty Properties

Rashaad Pierre

Sound Technician

Maddie Fay

Master Electrician

Cody Evins, Ryan Duda


Stefnie Cerny

Scenic Artist

Elisabeth Cooper, Matt Brohammer, Cameron Rodriguez, Antonio Fernandez, Mark Warner, Zack Grizzle


Noel Dudley, HG Gruebmeyer (Intern)


Sedona Boncore

Technical Intern

Jerry Siegel, Casey Gardner


Amanda Sachtleben

Video Archival Recording