Regional Premiere

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of How I Learned to Drive and Baltimore Waltz brings us a delicately nuanced story about a family who drives to Grandma's one Christmas Eve and finds their lives changed forever. With storytelling sharp as December air, lovely as a lighted tree and intricately original as a snowflake, this "puppet play for grown ups" slides into our psyches and helps discover what family is really about.

Cast + Crew

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Adam Fristoe


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Kathleen Wattis


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Jeff Feldman


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Theroun Patterson


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Stacy Melich


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Kelly Marckioli


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Kristin Wright, Kimberly Pruitt (u/s Rebecca) , Kelly Young (u/s Claire)


Ben Ashley, Jon Spencer, Ian Anthony, Laura Holden, Lori Lynch, Lauren Vandemark, Sharon Litzky, Rachel Richards


Ian Anthony


Kristin Wright

Assistant Director

Lisa Sturtz and Red Herring Puppets

Puppet Designer

Jon Ludwig

Puppet Coach

Takana Miyamoto

Music Composer

Justin Ellington

Music Recording

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Derek Kinsler

Set Designer

Emily Gill

Costume Designer

Joseph P. Monaghan III

Sound Designer

Steve Yockey


Brooke Collins

Stage Manager

Park Cofield

Assistant Stage Manager

Amy Ferguson

Charge Scenic Painter

Clifton Guterman

Casting Director

Tim Conley

Technical Director