Joint World Premiere with Rorschach Theatre, Washington, D.C.

A rabbi, a priest and a lawyer walk into a Greek myth. So begins the story of a Minotaur, part man and part bull who is trapped in the twisting labyrinth. His sister, Ariadne, betrays him. The hero, Theseus, aims to defeat him. In this smart and sexy modern retelling of this famous myth, playwright Anna Zeigler creates a whimsical and poignant world about how we write the stories of our own lives, and that love, just might conquer all.

By the theatre who brought you last season's smash hit In the Next Room ,or the Vibrator play, The Minotaur is a theatrical event that is not to be missed.

Cast + Crew

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Nicholas Tecosky

The Priest

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Anthony S. Goolsby

The Lawyer

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Suehyla El-Attar

The Rabbi

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Brandon Patrick


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Rachel Frawley


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Tony Larkin

The Minotaur

Angela Aquino

Graphic Designer

Nancy Crawley

Box Office Manager

Betty Rickicki, Gina Rickicki

Shadow Puppet Designers

Daniel Pope

Sound Designer

Noah Hill, Joseph Monaghan, Tony Reid, Alex Riviere


Robert Jenkins

Master Electrician

Jeffery Martin

Lighting Designer

Landi McAdams

Costume Designer

Cynthia Brower, Matthew Hufschmidt, Jennett Matté, Mercury, Colin McCord, Jacquelyn Pace


Rob Hadaway

Technical Director

Ryan Bradburn

Set and Properties Designer/Scenic Artist/Shadow Puppet Designer

Amber Nicole Almon

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Haley Brotherton

Stage Manager

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Kathy Janich