Regional Premiere

Synchronicity brings a local legend to life with The One and Only Ivan.

For 27 years, Ivan the gorilla has lived in a cage, the Big Top Mall, content to paint pictures and people-watch. Then Ivan meets Ruby, a captured baby elephant who’s been separated from her family. Determined to protect his new friend, Ivan must use his creativity to find a new home and become the mighty silverback he was always meant to be.

An enthralling adaptation, with movement and puppetry, of Katherine Applegate’s Newbery Award-winning novel, based on the true story of Ivan, who found a home, Zoo Atlanta from 1994 to 2012.

Cast + Crew

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Chris Hecke


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Renita James


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Jeffrey Allen Sneed


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Precious West


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Benjamin Dewitt Sims


Preston Goodson

Video Technician

Katie V. Cathell


Kathy Janich


Stephanie Earle

Stage Management

Abby Parker

Costume Design

John Burke

Sound Design

Ben Rawson

Lighting Design

Scott Gerald, Elliot Wallis


Sarah Shipp


Michael Hickey

Scenic, Props and Puppet Design

Zac Thatcher

Technical Direction

Laura Soldati, The [L] Agency, LLC

Public Relations

Lisa Green

Production Management