It is 1950 American and German psychoanalyst Dr. Fritz Tittels has unlocked the female psyche. He thinks. Little does he know what lies in the hearts of his wife and spinster daughter. Meanwhile, present day Dan decides to make a documentary about what makes modern girls tick. He and his camera get an eyeful of the red-hot truth. In this smart and savvy examination of how far society has come (or not come) playwright Julie Marie Myatt combines filmaking and theatricality to answer Freud's age-old question – What do women really want?

Cast + Crew

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Eric Brooks

Dr. Tittels

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Jackie Prucha

Agnes Tittels

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Hope Mirlis


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Cary Donaldson


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LeeAnna Lambert


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Carolyn Cook


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Daniel May


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Charity Pirkle


Jamie Bullins

Scenic Designer

Jessica Coale

Production Manager/Lighting Designer

Renee Freeman

Stage Crew

Charity Pirkle

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Erin Haas

Stage Manager/Board Operator

Rachel May

Video Director

Amy Ferguson, James Maloof

Assistant to the Scenic Director

Dessie Coale, Christie Klouse


Safaa Sammander, Sabina Maja Angel

Video Arts Designers

Dessie Coale, Kevin Powers, Mimi Epstein, Jessica Coale

Video Crew

Kevin Powers

Video Lighting Designer

Sydney Roberts

Costume Designer

J. Montgomery Schuth

Wig Master

Clint Thornton

Sound Designer

Elisabeth Cooper

Properties Designer

Casey Johnson

Technical Director

Amy Ferguson

Scenic Painter

Linda Burgess, Jim Revis, James Maloof, Joee Wells, Bob Souvorin

Set Construction and Scenic Painting

Steve West

Graphic Designer

Joel Silverman


Steve Yockey