When an idealistic high school English teacher gets mixed up in the personal affairs of two of her students – a quirky outcast with a gift for writing and a trouble girl armed with sarcasm and a nail gun – her world explodes in a violent mix of love, secrets and fantastical stories. An emotionally charged and moving play about the tales we tells as we weave our own histories.

Cast + Crew

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Joy Brunson


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Lily Chambers


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Jason H. McCarthy David


Jess Wells

Assistant Director

Hatley Brotherton

Stage Manager

Amber Nicole Almon

Assistant Stage Manager/Videographer/Intern

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Jessica Coale

Lighting Designer

Jess Wells

Sound Designer

Siauyee Ho

Scenic Designer/Painter

Kathy Janich


Landi C. McAdams

Costume Designer

Lindsay Moore

Properties Designer

Daniel L. Faulkner

Technical Director

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Marie Dunn


Ben Tilley

Lighting Assistance

Redd Horrocks, Colin McCord, Charlie Smith, Jason Tyler, Kenneth Wigley, Nina Gooch


Nancy Crawley

House Manager

Brigette Gary

Box Office Manager

Bethany Joy Collins