World Premiere

Life is pretty normal for Clara who lives in Kansas above a little cafe. Then a possum comes to visit. Suddenly, everyone stops arguing and starts to be happy. This is just the beginning of the magic. In this charming world premiere adaptation, enter a delightful world of wonder, sit down for a plate of Clara's dad's cooking, and discover what true kindness and family really mean.

Cast + Crew

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Kara Cantrell

Charla Everly/Sam Sneedy/Puppeteer

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Edwin Link


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Patrick McColery

The Star/Marionettist

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Katie Merritt


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Ayesha Ngaujah


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Tim Stoltenberg

Officer Hanson/Billy/Puppeteer

Shashi Ramroop


Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Joel Silverman


Jennifer Wells

Stage Manager/Light Board Operator

Jon Summers

Production Manager

Jon Williamson

Set Designer

Katie McCreary

Lighting Designer

Jacqueline Stringham

Costume Designer

Melisa DuBois

Properties Designer

Michael Haverty

Puppet Designer

Britt Hultgren

Technical Director

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Clint Thornton

Sound Designer

Randy Ramroop

Video Technician

Sedonia Williams

Run Crew and Puppeteer

Randy Ramroop, Jared Pepper, Derek Bozaich, Amy Erlrich, Katiie O'neil, Cynthia Pharris, Stephanie Busing

Scenic Painters