Regional Premiere

How do you face your children when you can't face down you demons? On her first day back from a tour of duty in Iraq, Jenny Sutter isn't ready to go home. She escapes to Slab City, a concrete garden of wandering souls. The strange assortment of residents, including a pleasure addict with a gambling problem and an unlikely preacher, might just be the key to bring Jenny's spirit back from the war and lead the way home.

Cast + Crew

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David Howard


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Lynne Ashe


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Allen Hagler


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Dori Garziano


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Joe Sykes


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Andrea Washington

Jenny Sutter

Maggie McEnerny

Stage Manager/Light Board Operator

Tara Beth Helrich

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Jessica Coale

Set and Lighting Designer

Elizabeth Ramusson

Costume Designer

Corrie Haislip

Properties Designer

Robert Hadaway

Technical Director

Marie Dunn

Master Electrician

Mimi Epstein

Sound Designer

Gerard Foret, Tristan Ludden,John Parker, Charlie Smith

Set Construction

Jamie Savincki

Charge Scenic Artist

Heidi Howard, Addison Morarre

Scenic Painters

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer

Joel Silverman

Pre-Production Photographer

Stacey Bode

Production Photographer