Young Minli lives with her parents near Fruitless Mountain, surviving on the meager fare they can produce. Inspired by the rich tales her father tells (and by magical goldfish), Minli determines she will find the Old Man of the Moon who, it is said, knows the secret of good fortune. On her quest she encounters royalty, dragons, and several more stories, from which she learns what true good fortune really is. Based on the 2010 Newbery Honors book, this “fantasy crossed with Chinese folklore” production is a beautifully-told Wizard of Oz riff with a huge heart.

Best for ages 5+.

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Please note: the recent sale of 14th Street Playhouse to SCAD will not affect your experience of this production. The dates have shifted by a week, but we will still be, the same venue for the rest of the season! Thank you to our patrons for their concern and inquiries. We are grateful for the extraordinary support of the Woodruff Arts Center through the transition and look forward to working with SCAD for the remainder of our 2013-14 season.

Cast + Crew

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Yen Nguyen


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Reay Kaplan


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Matthew Myers


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Jelani Jones


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Vince Canlas, SamuelTraquina, Christina Jundt


Mike Hickey

Scenic, Puppet, and Mask Design

Kevin Frazier

Lighting and Sound Design

Jonida Beqo

Costume Design

Kathleen Janich


Jeanette Matté

Production Management

Bryan Cort

Technical Direction

Erica Mandato

Stage Management

Xander Sok

Assistant Stage Manager

Max Sanchez

Scenic Artist

Chris Barnum, Cynthia Brower, Neal Gibbs, Daniel Pope


Mitch Marcus

Mater Electrician

Jennifer Kimball, Allison Klem, Tristan Ludden


Nancy Crawley, Ashley Dickey, Liz Hartnett, Caitlin T. White

Box Office Staff

Angela Aquino

Graphic Designer