The women speak.

Our company-created hit from 2005 returns, with a vibrant tapestry of startling, hopeful, heartbreaking, and funny stories that cast new light on the wartime experience of soldiers, refugees, defense contractors, missionaries, activists, and more.

Cast + Crew

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Maria Sager


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Annie York


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Teresa DeBerry


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Pam Joyce


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Cynthia Barker


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Eve Krueger


Rachel May


Celeste Miller

Movement Designer

Charlie Moore

Stage Manager

Rachel Teagle

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Nina Gooch

Production Manager

Suehyla El Attar

Dramaturg/Assistant Director

Sabina Angel

Video Designer

Jessica Coale

Lighting and Set Designer

Mimi Epstein

Sound Designer

Preston Goodson

Sound Assistant

Tamara McElhannon

Original Scenic Design

Sydney Roberts

Costume Designer

Myranda DeFoor

Props Designer

Angela Mitchell

Graphic Designer