A world premiere theatrical event

The women speak: Synchronicity artists interviewed Atlanta-area women soldiers, refugees, defense contractors, missionaries, activists and more. In this startling, hopeful, funny, and heartbreaking tapestry of text, movement and striking visuals, Synchronicity's dynamic ensemble explores what it means to be a woman who has been touched by war.

Cast + Crew

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Adrienne Moore


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Hope Mirlis


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Danielle Mindess


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Alison Hastings


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Suehyla El-Attar


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Crystal A. Dickinson


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Joanna Daniel


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Kristi Casey


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Brittany Bellizeare


Jennifer Garey, Alexa Roman, Erin Bransford

Gallery Curators

Safaa Sammander


Joel Silverman


Toni Hung

Graphic Designer

Linda Burgess, Joee Wells, Bob Souvorin, Susan Kibler

Set Construction

Alex Rovere

Video Operator

Arielle Brown

Sound Operator

Heidi Howard

Properties Mentor

Myranda deFoor

Properties Designer

Mimi Epstein

Sound Designer

Sydney Roberts

Costume Designer

Sabina Maja Angel

Video Arts Designer

Mack Headrick, Ben Tilley


Alexa Roman, Sarah Clifford, Safaa Sammander

Design Interns

Tamara McElhannon

Scenic Designer

Amber Bradshaw

Assistant Stage Manager/Intern

Jessica Coale

Production Manager/Lighting Designer

Susan Pavlin, Sarah Raskin


Michele Pearce

Script Director